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Education for a good life

Today, I was puttering around on the internet, visiting a blog here, a blog there, getting a taste of what people — ordinary people — are saying about education. Somewhere in my wanderings, I came across a blog post from Stephen Downes (he has an interesting project going on where he has simply pledged to write each day for half an hour, and he chronicles his daily scribbles via his blog). In a particular entry, Downes talks about education for a good life, as partial response to a question posted by another blogger who asked “Why do we educate?”

Education for a good life. What a concept. — And oddly profound. Maybe it really is that simple. I suppose every reason for education could be summed up there:┬áTeaching young minds to think and create and develop useful skills so that they can carry us all into tomorrow’s world? Yep, I would definitely classify that as working toward a good life for the general public.┬áProviding venues for our own intellectual exercise and growth, to provide communities for shared learning and stimulation? Yeah, probably enhancing the goodness of life for any particular participant. Allowing for the gradual attainment of levels/diplomas/degrees/certifications to potentially increase one’s income? Uh, yep. Definitely classified under the pursuit of the good life.

I don’t know! It seems so general and yet, I suppose, precise enough to say that the reason to educate is to pursue the good life. I would certainly agree that education has contributed to the goodness of my life. I do love a good vacation from the daily grind and the studystudystudy, but when I’m away from it for any extended period of time, I tend to seek out informal means of educating myself. There’s just so much to know in the world! I often find that I’m so busy learning in school that I forget to learn about everything beyond it. So, when I get a chance, and when I regain the energy to do so, I continue to….yep….educate myself. And, heck, I surely wouldn’t do that voluntarily if I wasn’t trying to have a good life. …Would I? Is there such a thing as education for a bad life? Actually, maybe so. If one (or one’s family, let’s say) becomes so hung up on the pursuit of education, can it be harmful to the learner? Experience tells me OH YES IT CAN. But, then, I would say that it’s probably less the education doing the harming as it is the attitude surrounding it. Though, that is another thing altogether.

Education for a good life. It almost makes me laugh for all the sense it makes. Still, I can’t help but question it.


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    Incidentally, I’m still working out the bugs in this whole blogging adventure. The pictures I attach to these posts keep showing up with these “copyright rosiediclemente” things and I must clarify that these photos are not mine. I am trying to give credit to the artists in links to the websites where I got them as well as captions with the artists’ names, however, this seems to be giving me trouble.

    In the meantime, this particular photo is called “nifty lamp ~ closed” and is from an artist who goes by “Striatic” on Flikr. Much thanks!

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    Wow, certainly a lot to chew on in your blog post! I think I’m only going to respond to a bit of it for now.

    The comment about Stephen Downes’ project of writing for at least a 1/2 hour every day seems like a worthy goal to me. I have been struggling to maintain consistency with my blog and the other information feeds (Twitter) that we’re being encouraged to use. I’m going to have to check out Downes’ project and maybe start something like that of my own: read my blog roll for 1/2 an hour and then write for 1/2 an hour each day. Otherwise, I find myself doing things like I’ve done today: I planned to spend a twenty minutes to a half-hour on reading a few posts and being up to date for class and now it’s been over two hours and I haven’t got anything else done because I’ve been enjoying all the readings so much!! Ahh!

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